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October 28, 2009

A smoking ban is a controversial issue. Those who do not smoke, and have never smoked, often feel like there is no reason not to employ a public smoking ban. Smokers, however, feel like it is a personal right to be able to smoke in public, and the smoking ban issue is important and personal for them. While this might seem like a new issue, the disagreement surrounding the motion to ban smoking has been around for a while. Whether you’re for smoking in public places or against it, it is important to understand both points of view.

Most smokers feel that it is their choice to smoke, and they take responsibility for what smoking does to their health. Smoking is used as a way to calm one’s feelings, and also to lessen the tension during stressful situations. It can also be used to supress anxiety and low self-esteem. Some smokers suffer from chronic pain and depression, and smoking serves as a way to treat them. Smoking can also provide a feeling of relaxation due to the chemicals that the Nicotine releases. These brain chemicals have been found to soothe pain, heighten positive emotions, and also create a sense of reward ( So, to smokers, the ban is a big issue. Many smokers feel that it is their personal right to smoke in public places, and the government shouldn’t be able to dictate where and when they smoke.

Non smokers believe that there should be a ban on smoking in public places for many reasons, mostly due to medical concerns. Smoking increases a person’s risk of heart attacks, as well as many other heart related diseases. Apart from the person who is smoking, those around them can be affected, too. The effects from second hand smoke are extremely serious. Second hand smoke increases the risk of a heart attack by 30% ( A ban on smoking in public places would help to eliminate many problems associated with second hand smoke, as well as generally promoting clean air. Apart from the health factors, smoking can take a toll on personal finances. Smoking can actually increase the costs of life and health insurance, as well as an increase in the cost of dental care.

A ban on smoking in public is such an important issue, because it has surfaced many times throughout history. The issue remains today in the U.S., due to the fact that some states still allow smoking in public places. It is also a significant issue, because of what it means to both smokers and non smokers. Smokers want the right to smoke wherever they want, because smoking is truly important to them. In contrast, non smokers want to do away with smoking, because of the harmful effects it has on the health of not only the smokers themselves, but also on those around them. To them, a ban on smoking in public places is the best way to eliminate these concerns.

Smoking in public places and whether a ban should be assigned is a great topic for debate. This blog will help to show you both sides of the debate, and will help to widen your understanding of the views behind those who support a ban and those who do not. The question is left up to you- Should smoking be allowed in public places?


October 14, 2009